Product Spotlight: Wave Tiles

A recent meeting was held to help Diane Paparo Studio begin preparing for ICFF 2009. As we all sat around Diane’s conference table, we threw out some ideas for new products to showcase. The easiest piece to agree on was the Wave Tile.

The Wave Tiles never fail to spark the interest of designers and homeowners. They add instant interest to any space due to the varying sizes, waves, and possibility for customization. Available in high and low frequencies, the tiles feature soft curves and contrasting contours allowing light to play upon the surface and create subtle shadows. Other options include flat panels, which are perfect for mounting light switches, outlets, or even sconces. Tiles can be engraved and lacquered in any color.

Not sure what to do with the wave tiles? They would make a perfect backsplash in an area without standing water – place them in your bar, cover an entire wall, use them as a baseboard, moulding, or a modern chair rail. Visit this post or see below for an image of the wave tiles in place as a backsplash:

Wave Tiles as a backsplash

Have an idea for how to use the wave tiles? Leave a comment and let us know!


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