Product Spotlight: Aeon Bench

New York Designer Noel Jeffrey was interviewed for the most recent Decorati news blast. Jeffrey of The Jeffrey Design Group a premier designer whose works focus on the high-luxury. Knowing his designs, dp studio was honored to learn that our Aeon Bench was listed as one of his favorites!

Noel Jeffrey Decorati Favorites

From our slab collection, the Aeon Bench is entirely handmade in our solar-powered workshop in Montana. Featuring both finished and living edges, the bench is available in up to 96” long. As all our pieces are made to order, note that that each bench will be uniquely different depending on the character of each wood slab. The bench can also be customized, choose any solid wood or even specify depth or height and turn the bench into a console.

dp studio is particularly proud of our Slab Collection as it works towards our sustainable initiatives. Alongside being made in a solar-powered workshop, we can source naturally fallen or diseased trees for your bench and provide an eco finish per your requests.

For more information about the Aeon Bench, visit our website or view it on Decorati.


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