Diane Paparo

Though fine-art schooled as an artist, DIANE PAPARO began her design career 30 years ago, deeply embedded in the world of architecture and construction management. As a result, she designs with the eye of an artist and practices with the skill of an engineer. Beauty, function, comfort and flow are her goals, artistry and ingenuity, her tools. Every space, large or small, is tailored to the way it will be used. Scale and proportion, flow, sight lines, acoustical requirements and light sources all play a primary role in her design schemes. By design, her artful solutions are highly “livable.”

As a testament to her delivery not only of artful solutions, but of a positive and personal design experience, a great many DPA clients are repeat clients who regard Diane as a trusted friend, as well as their respected design guru.


“Design is about life. Good design is about the inherent joy we feel when our living environment offers proper balance, clarity and grace. I take great pride in creating homes that empower my clients as individuals and at the same time provide welcomed sanctuary from the busyness of their daily lives.” -Diane Paparo



One thought on “Diane Paparo

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